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PMO-as-a-Service OVERVIEW:

When it comes to running projects, most organizations face one or both of two key challenges. The first is that the project brings together a disparate group of people with varied skills who may or may not have worked together before and they all have their own (occasionally entrenched) ways of working. In addressing this, businesses typically establish a Project Management Office (PMO) a business function that specifies, manages and reports on projects within the organization. Businesses also frequently encounter a second challenge, realizing the return on investment for this sometimes costly venture.

Alleviating Project Management Office headaches

Failed or poorly delivered projects leave executives facing many project shortcomings. These include:
• Cost overruns
• Timescale overruns
• Uncontrolled scope
• Unsatisfactory control and reporting
• Non-compliance with business standards and/or legislation

How can BPO offer a remedy?

To resolve these project management challenges, companies are increasingly embracing outsourcing across a wider range of front and back office to help transform their businesses. The reason? In addition to significant cost savings, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become a lever for driving business growth and innovation.

What CTC provides in this domain

Businesses are reaping the benefits of CTC’s PMO-as-a-Service offering through the use of a consistent methodology, expertise, economies of scale and cost reductions.
PMO-as-a-Service executes your enterprise’s strategy by composing a tailored roadmap, assigning the right tools and developing the ideal performance indicators, goals, balanced scorecard, metrics, reporting, planning and resources. This ensures:
• Budget alignment
• Timely realization of milestones
• Scope control
• Improved control and reporting
• Compliance

CTC’s proven PMO expertise

CTC has had project management at its core. We have managed some of the most complex projects, driven the development and adoption of global project management standards, and accrued a vast amount of client and industry-domain knowledge. This experience has played a central role in the development of PMO-as-a-Service as a customizable and value driven solution.
With PMO-as-a-Service, your Project Management Office can become a more strategic element of your business by focusing on innovation, organizational change management and stakeholder engagement. CTC’s PMO-as-a-Service essentially facilitates a more agile, responsive enterprise.

How do we do it?

CTC’s PMO-as-a-Service provides: • Direct end-to-end project support from a project management team that takes full control and responsibility for the project
• Indirect support through the adoption of project management methodologies, templates and tools and the provision of project execution assistance
• Education on the use of the processes, templates and project workspace; coaching on individual projects and assistance in addressing challenging projects
• Development, maintenance and storage of project templates and/or project documentation

What do we know?

PMO-as-a-Service starts with an in-depth evaluation of your business’ current state.
All ongoing and future actions are evaluated in terms of:
• Strategic business alignment
• Scope
• Planning
• Prioritization
• Budget
• Risk

A proven methodology

Your company’s methodologies, processes and project organization are evaluated and matched with CTC best practices. This results in a comprehensive recommendation that ultimately identifies and prioritizes project requirements, maps them with business strategy and delivers actionable insights. This recommendation also includes a roadmap to move from your current “as is” state to your “to be” or desired outcome.
With the PMO-as-a-Service model in place, the PMO team ensures that plans, dependencies, risks and issues, changes, project documentation, quality and costs are managed in a controlled manner. We also ensure that progress and exceptions are objectively reported to the relevant governance body and stakeholders. This is done in a timely and consistent manner through the project workspace and regular face-to-face or online meetings with stakeholders.
We provide you with highly-experienced project managers, project coordinators, trainers and content managers, change managers and in addition subject matter experts (SMEs), business analysts and IT specialists located in globally diverse delivery centers to effectively guide, manage and support high-visibility initiatives. We also offer flexible staffing levels to support variations in your project workload.

CTC’s Differentiator – The Global Enterprise Model

The product of years of collective expertise and insight, CTC’s Global Enterprise Model (GEM) is a best practice approach that enables your organization to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized enterprise-operating model to achieve world-class outcomes for your clients. It comprises seven levers that ask you all the right questions:
Lever 1: Grade Mix: Do I have the optimal project management team structure?
Lever 2: Location Mix: Do I have the right processes in the right locations?
Lever 3: Competency Model: Do my people have the appropriate competencies and project management certifications?
Lever 4: Global Process Model: Do I have best-in-class processes?
Lever 5: Technology: Do I have the technology solutions aligned to project management?
Lever 6: Pricing: Does my pricing support the achievement of my business outcomes?
Lever 7: Governance: Does the governance structure ensure proper interaction and decision-making?

Why CTC?

CTC’s PMO-as-a-Service offering is easily applicable to all industry sectors and across all business functions. Our domain specialists have a deep understanding of their areas of expertise and can help to determine the appropriate business outcomes that you need.
Our PMO offering is fully integrated with our market-leading GEM transformation framework. Our solution catalog includes innovative value propositions that provide the best-fit solutions to your organization.