Creative Telecom Company

Putting You In Reach Wherever You Are!


CTC is uniquely positioned and has developed over many years the right channels to acquire high skilled professional/individuals/teams, and we would like to assure our commitment and enthusiasm in this field. In particular, we have focused on the following areas to meet with our customers' requirements and critical success factors:

Experience and knowledge

Backed by the experience and expertise of our sourcing organization, governed with a process and various channels, we are proud to have successfully addressed similar projects both internally and with our valued partners and clients, to help meet their enhancement improvement objectives. Thus the CTC team brings in not only the technical expertise but also the practical knowledge and experience to help you take the right decisions and to support you in implementing them. This is backed by templates, work products and frameworks and deep relationships with recruitment communities both locally and globally.

Consulting skill-sets

We bring a unique combination of methodologies and project consulting experience and expertise. Our strong consulting team has performance improvement experience in the technology function as well.

Change management

The experience of multiple engagements with the individuals leading, facilitating, implementing and impacted by projects, puts us in a position to provide relevant and practical insights into potential pitfalls, solutions and hands-on support.

Managing Independence and Conflict of Interests

Our proposal intends to ensure CTC acts as the trusted partner in this field. As our standards, we also intend to perform a benchmarking with every project we execute and always try to enhance and improve with retention and motivation of our valuable resources.

Our Partners

We collaborate with experienced partners, in various categories ranging from technologies, solutions and resources to provide and support us in our engagements. These partners and vendors are across borders, including locally in Saudi Arabia.

The Team

From our experience, long duration enhancement projects are rarely designed and implemented to a set and pre-defined plan, methodology and approach. It is the team that makes the difference. We have put together a team that is excited to be part of this program and represents all the characteristics mentioned above.

Local Resource Development

It is our main objective and target to deploy if not all, a majority of the resources are to be Saudi nationals to bridge culture, traditional and language gaps, at the same time contribute to local resource development.