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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in any economy, generating jobs, and contributing to growth. Saudi Arabia has long realized the importance of providing a nurturing environment to these entities, outlining clear objectives in its Vision 2030.

Under Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom plans to raise the contribution of SMEs from the current 20 percent of GDP to 35 percent by facilitating their access to funding and encouraging financial institutions to allocate up to 20 percent of overall loans to them from the current 5 percent.

The government also plans to create a supply of talent with the skills to stimulate the SME sector with Vision 2030 aiming to decrease unemployment from 11.6 percent to 7 percent and to increase female participation in the workforce from 22 percent to 30 percent.

Based on CTC vision to be aligned with the national goals, CTC is directing its investment to provide services to the SME sector.

What CTC provides in this domain:

Under the CITC regulations, CTC provides the reach for the telecom operators to SME customers by selling telecommunication and ICT services to operator’s small and medium customers across the kingdom enabling the customers focus and grow their business

CTC’s SME Staff

• CTC has a big pool of skilled sales consultants providing, located across the kingdom to provide honest and high quality services to the SME clients.
• CTC has the back office staff that support the sales consultants to provide a quick and smooth services to the end customers


Partnerships, Certificates and Recognitions

CTC is certified by STC as its Strategic Business Partner to sell STC's telecommunication and ICT services to STC’s small and medium customers across the kingdom.