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CTC is a leading ICT company located in Saudi Arabia. CTC has been always keen to develop and deliver excellent business solutions, aiming to increase end-use revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for its customers. CTC’s turnkey solutions deliver voice, data, video, Internet and other applications to diverse business fields and industry sectors including education, healthcare, utilities, military & defense, oil & gas and government. The Company also, exports professional services for operators and world-class manufacturers around the region. Services include systems analysis, solution design, turnkey implementations for medium and large scale telecom projects, presales support, maintenance, training and consultancy.

CTC is your partner for success. We help you boost your productivity and succeed in an increasingly challenging business world by successfully integrating the latest technology products and solutions that deliver today’s mission-critical services and solutions.

CTC aim in saving huge amounts of money to companies and government agencies that want to develop their services to meet their customer needs and to help these companies focus on their work. CTC partnership strategy with strategic partners took it upon themselves to provide a package of services needed by the Saudi market, which all be hosted by data centers within KSA.

The company's main initiative, which operates the company to move forward to facilitate access to the digital future vision of the world which is the Internet of Things - IoT -. IoT is the new generation of technology that allows communication and understanding between devices over Internet Protocol. Observers of the market and technical notes repeatable growth in the number of devices connected to the Internet. After the computer and mobile, a lot of appliances appeared in our daily lives need to connect to the Internet. For example, smart watch, smart TV, smart CCTV, smart AC, smart refrigerator, smart lighting, and many others.

It is expected by 2020, the IoT market size will be twice as big as the mobile phones, computers and tablets markets size all combined. Where the number of IoT devices will reach 35 billion devices connected to the Internet with market revenue of more than $ 600 billion.

The company will focus its efforts in facilitating access of the IoT to the Saudi market through its main Business Units:

  • - Infrastructure for telecom companies and the development of information technology by our Telecom Business Unit.

  • - The delivery of telecommunications services to SME and Consumer by our business alignment with telecom service providers.

  • - Building cloud services in data centers inside Saudi Arabia by our Cloud Business Unit.

  • - Provide the skilled technical and project resources to our clients.

  • - Project Management and PMO-as-a-Service by our Project Management Office.